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Swiss Diamond can trace its roots back to 1974 in Sierre, Switzerland, as a scientific research company exploring new materials and surface coatings. Fast forward a few years to 2001, when a revolutionary nonstick coating suitable for use on cookware was developed, after years of additional research and exhaustive testing, Swiss Diamond® engineers improved their revolutionary coating by 40% overall, leading to various awards and world-wide recognition. To this day, all XD products designed by Swiss Diamond® are manufactured with this cutting-edge nonstick surface coating.

→  Learn more about Swiss Diamond's unique technology: Swiss Diamond® Technology

Swiss Diamond® has been named "best nonstick cookware" by the leading U.S. consumer ratings organization and is recommended by the Cooking Club of America. It is recommended for vegan and vegetarian cooking by the American Vegetarian Association and has won numerous other international and regional awards.

→ Swiss Diamond® products are currently sold in more than 38 countries around the world.