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FUGOO Sport - Portable Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Waterproof


  • Rugged Sport model is snow proof, sand proof, and waterproof to 3 feet for 30 minutes
  • Built-in microphone for full-duplex speakerphone, Siri, and Google Now capability
  • Six drivers on four sides for a 360-degree sweet spot and incredible 95dB SPL-A volume
  • World's Best battery life: 40 hours at 50% loudness

FUGOO + Sport

You don’t worry about getting your hair wet. Neither should your portable speaker. Introducing FUGOO Sport - the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker that was built for the fun, fast, and hardcore in all of us. FUGOO’s up to 10-hour battery life and Siri/Google Capabilities puts the ultimate in audio technology at your fingertips all day, all night, and then some.

fugoo true sound

True Sound

FUGOO Bluetooth speakers were constructed to provide premium sound and rugged durability no matter what you throw its way. Speaker comes with two drivers in the front and a passive radiator in the rear. Additionally, FUGOO speakers are tilted upwards at an eight degree angle to ensure that you hear your music the way it was intended to be heard.

100% Waterproof

Fugoo has designed and delivered the most rugged Bluetooth speaker line with the highest incursion protection rating of IP67.

Fugoo also designed and verifies its products at 3 feet or 1 meter for 30 minutes underwater and to be dust proof, snow proof and mud proof.

Up to 10 Hour Battery Life and Connectivity

With up to 10 hour continuous battery life, FUGOO speakers are sure to keep the action going as long as possible. And no, that’s not a typo. Up to 10 hours (at 50% volume).

Our Style, Sport, and Tough speakers are now able to pair with other Style, Sport, and Tough speakers for more versatility and sound options. (Compatible with all 2.0 models) Also comes a Micro USB Charging Cable.

Voice Enabled Speakerphone

The built-in omnidirectional microphone gives your portable speaker high-quality full-duplex speakerphone functionality. Answer a call right from the speaker. Use Siri or Google Now to play your favorite music, call a friend, ask about the weather or sports scores, or remind you to call your mom -- just by asking. And with the optional waterproof Remote, you won't even have to leave the pool.


Bike Mount

Mount your Bluetooth speakers on bike handlebars, boat railings, and more. Quick-release spring clip holds your speaker securely even on rough terrain.

Strap Mount

The FUGOO Strap Mount lets your Bluetooth Speaker play where you do. Mount it to your favorite tree, basketball, volleyball, or tennis pole – or whatever.

Multi Mount

Three different mounting options for your wireless Speaker. Rope or carabiner loop, tripod mounting socket, and strap or belt spring-clip.

Mount Pack

Includes the Bike Mount, Strap Mount and Multi-Mount in a value bundle. #GoAnywhere

Remote Control

Play/Pause, Previous, Next, Volume Up and Down, and Action buttons let you control the music.

Pairing Connectivity

Our Style and Sport speakers are able to pair with other Style and Sport speakers for more versatility and sound options. Also comes with Replacements for the Micro USB Charging Cable.