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Jura S8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine 15212



Create impressive specialty coffee beverages at home with this JURA automatic espresso machine. The high-resolution color touch-screen display lets you choose from 15 drink types, three brewing temperature options and 10 coffee strength levels for convenient customization. This JURA automatic espresso machine has an integrated grinder to provide freshly ground beans just before brewing.


Make a cup quickly for when you're on the move

Single-serve brewing lets you prepare just one cup with minimal wait time, so you can take a drink and go.

Impressive choice for demanding coffee connoisseurs

Stylish S8 creates a full range of specialties, from espresso to latte macchiato, to a masterful standard of quality.

Pulse Extraction Process

Ensures the optimum extraction time for short specialties and delivers a taste explosion for espresso and ristretto.

Variable brewing chamber

Allows you to select coffee strength and prepare two cups in one brewing operation.

Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System

Designed to develop the coffee aroma to the full.

Ultimate milk foam

The Fine Foam Frother G2 on S8 is made from high-quality material. Specially devised for the preparation of specialty coffees with milk and milk foam, it prepares latte macchiato and other beverages with fine-textured foam.

4.3" high-resolution color touch screen

Makes the machine simple to operate. A gentle touch with your fingertip on the screen, and your favorite beverage flows into the cup.

Active bean monitoring

Helps ensure there are always enough coffee beans available (so the grinder does not run empty).

Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.)

Saves energy to protect the environment.

Design with unique details

Refined materials and attention to detail combine to create a serene, harmonious whole. Thoughtful touches and elements give the S8 espresso machine a unique feel, which is sure to please those who appreciate good design.

What's Included

  • CLEARYL Smart Filter
  • Cleansing tablets (2-Pack)
  • Container for Milk Cleaning System
  • JURA S8 Line Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine
  • Milk System Cleaning solution