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PETEGO Cycleash Universal Bicycle Leash


  • Bike leash comes set up for one dog to ride, if you have two dogs you must buy two of these units
  • Innovative and safe dog bike leash
  • Alloy extra-strong ultra light construction, keep your bicycle lightweight
  • double clamp to allow two dogs to ride simultaneously, or switch dog side
  • SAFETY FIRST!Guaranteed TPR soft ride, no bikes or dogs will be jerked around while enjoying their ride
  • Ergonomic design to fit to ANY BICYCLE ROUND SEATPOST and turn AROUND the leg to allow perfect alignment with dog
  • Hands free cycling leash
  • EVA safe grip walking handle, allows the owner to take the dog suavely leashed before and after the ride
  • Features shock less TPR technology for a smooth ride
  • Double-use connection can hold up to two dogs simultaneously
  • custom proprietary clip holder design for easy grab and safe dog collar clipping
  • Sockless technology to be gentle to the dog neck and guarantee a smooth ride for the cyclist
  • Patented Design