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An Illuminated Dial make this alarm clock easy to read and easy to set. Satin black case with bright chrome bezel around the dial. Simply rotate the large dial at the bottom right of the clock case without fumbling with tiny knobs in the back of the clock. A light sensor automatically recognizes when the room is dark and activates a small LED which makes clock glow softly when the room is dark. Press the button at the top of the clock and the dial glows brighter. Sold for years as the QXE011JLH. Dial illuminates green if the alarm is set and amber if off so you may see immediately if your alarm is set with a simple touch of the top. Quiet sweep second hand means no ticking sound at night. Large, easy to read numerals and luminous hands for night-time visibility. Snooze feature resets alarm to ring again in a five minutes. Alarm ascends in volume and repetition in three stages. Takes three AA batteries and are included.