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Seiko R-Wave Wall Clock Black Metallic Case QXR131SLH


  • Silver metallic crystal wall clock
  • R-wave movement capable of receiving time signal transmitted by national institute of standards
  • Enables clock to keep time accurately up to one second in one million years
  • Automatically adjusts time according to standard or daylight savings time
  • One "aa" battery included , 12 1/4" x 1 3/4"
It's a black tie affair with the Seiko QXR131SLH 12.25-in. Wall Clock. With its sleek design and modern black finish, this versatile wall clock will make a statement on any wall, in any room. Using atomic precision for the most accurate timekeeping, you can be sure your time is always right. And with its large, contemporary numbers, you won't have to squint and strain to read it. Over its 120 year history as a maker of fine timepieces, the Seiko name has become synonymous with cutting edge technology, ultra-precision, constant innovation and refinement. Millions worldwide rely on Seiko wristwatches to keep them on schedule. Two generations have grown up thrilling to Olympic and World Cup competitions where victory or defeat is defined within a fraction of a second, all overseen by Seiko timekeepers. Polished black metallic frame in contemporary design. Large, easy-to-read numbers. Atomic for the most accurate in time and frequency. Requires one AA battery (included). 12.25 diam. x 1.75D inches.