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Shun Classic 8.25 Inch Bread Knife with Efficiency Scalloped Serrations DM0724


  • Shun’s Classic Offset Bread Knife glides through any bread with efficiently and effectively; use it for all bread-slicing needs and get high-quality performance and results
  • The Classic Bread Knife features an offset handle position for additional knuckle clearance and positions user’s hand for a powerful, easy cut; reduces knocking knuckles on cutting board
  • 8.25 inch, capable blade glides through bread without shredding crust or producing excess crumbs; Offset Bread Knife works equally well on tender desserts such as angel food cake to make smooth, even slices
  • Shun Cutlery hardens the Offset Bread Knife’s VG-MAX steel core to 60-61 on Rockwell Hardness Scale; this premium level of hardness enables the steel to take and hold a razor-sharp edge for a long time
  • Beautiful Offset Bread Knife would be a welcomed gift for culinary enthusiasts, experienced chefs, aspiring cooks, baking fanatics, amateur bakers, pastry makers, and more