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Shun Cutlery DM0766 Classic 8” Western Cook’s Knife


  • Enjoy the luxurious, handcrafted Classic Western Cook’s Knife featuring Shun Cutlery’s innovative technology and cutting-edge performance; never look for another heavy duty chef’s knife
  • Influenced heavily by Japanese traditions and ancient sword smiths, Classic Cook’s Knife reflects meticulous designs and hard work in each detail; pure, authentic style stands out in every kitchen
  • Western Cook’s Knife includes a beautifully sculpted, ebony, patented PakkaWood handle that provides controlled, comfortable grip; chop, cut and slice with expert confidence in each fluid movement
  • Shun’s beautiful, high-performance Western Cook’s Knife is perfect gift for newlyweds, party hosts, moms, dads, in-laws, aspiring chefs or culinary experts; upgrade any kitchen with generous gift
  • Exceptional steel blade clad with Damascus stainless steel ensures effective, long-lasting performance; VG-MAX proprietary steel of Western Cook’s Knife promises durability and corrosion-resistance