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Shun Cutlery Premier 10” Chef’s Knife TDM0707


  • Premier’s light, agile blade ensures even this larger Chef’s Knife handles with ease; perfect for the cooks who prefer a larger chef’s knife that still maneuvers easily
  • Increased blade length allows users to handle an increased volume of product and improve efficiency in the kitchen; the 10-inch blade handles all foods no matter large or small
  • Hammered tsuchime finish helps release food easily when cutting while the wide blade provides easy transferring of cut food from board to pan; contoured handle rests easily in any hand
  • Shun Cutlery knives make prep work fun and take typically ordinary tasks from boring to enjoyable; Shun’s knives are hand-sharpened, handcrafted and backed by a strong Japanese heritage
  • Quality kitchen knife for use at any occasion: holiday, family dinner, vacation, restaurant, house party, wedding, neighborhood party, birthday party, supper club, Thanksgiving and more