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Shun DM0709 Cutlery Classic 6.5-Inch Stainless Steel Two-Pronged Fork Handcrafted Essential Kitchen Tool


  • Perfect match for Shun Cutlery’s Classic Carving Knife, Classic Carving Fork anchors food to cutting surface as Carving Knife slices meats
  • Long tines of Shun’s premium Carving Fork are designed to penetrate large or small roasts with ease; anchor tenderloin, steak, ham, turkey and more substantial meats to cutting boards or counters
  • Durable, dependable Classic Carving Fork acts as an extension of carver’s arm; safely aids carver in holding meat steady to prevent carving knife from slipping
  • Classic Carving Fork features Shun’s Classic Line’s stunning and functional characteristics; professional-level stainless steel and smooth, ebony PakkaWood handle combine in pure harmony
  • Elegance of Shun’s Classic Carving Fork not only beautifies a traditional dinner table but transforms carving into an experience that will delight both host and guests