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MetroVac Air Force® Master Blaster®

$ 540.00

Every time you touch your car with a chamois, micro fiber or towel you are scratching the finish, creating swirl...

MetroVac Professional 500 Watt Stainless Steel Hand Vac VM6BS500

$ 127.00

Tackle quick cleanups with the Metropolitan Professional 500 Watt Stainless Steel Hand Vac VM6BS500. This steel high performance hand vac...

MetroVac Professionals Full-Size Canister Vacuum ADM4PNHSF

$ 765.00

The Professional is a top-of-the-line total performance cleaning system for the home. • Heavy duty 4.0 P HP, two speed,...

MetroVac Professionals Compact Canister Vacuums

$ 369.50

The Metropolitan Professional Compact line includes two Compact Canister models with and without power nozzle. All Canister models incorporate an...

DataVac® Electric Duster®

$ 117.50

The MetroVac DataVac® Electric Duster® is a compact yet unbelievably powerful computer and equipment duster. As the latest and greatest...

DataVac® Pro Series

$ 135.00

Get ready to make your office shine with the DataVac® Pro Series by MetroVac. The DataVac® Pro Series is the...